T.V. Studio Sets & Media Infrastructure
To create a world which has to be seen through the eyes of a camera, a special skill set is required . We are a specialist and niche company providing design and build solutions to three specific requirements of Electronic Media Houses: News and Program Sets, Media Infrastructure Planning and Technical Furniture.
Today, the overall look and feel of a channel is as important as the content and therefore one just can’t ignore the power of visual presentation. There are a lot of variants: colors, forms, materials, textures, video technology, lighting, camera movements, presentation styling etc. We understand that a right mix is required to create a ‘camera correct design’ which in turn positively impacts on the viewer.
We create innovative and creative solutions to enhance the concept of the program shows. Whether it is an entertainment or sports show or budget discussions or an interactive political show, we bring in the wow factor to the package. We also provide international quality infrastructure for Virtual Sets.
Media Infrastructure Planning including MEP and Acoustics Design is an equally important part of our offerings. It is as important as planning the workflow of the media facility. A live 24 x 7 media facility cannot afford to fail even for a second. Downtime due to glitches in the electrical or lighting systems, equipment malfunction due to inadequately planned HVAC systems can be detrimental to the fortunes of a channel. Also myopic issues like incorrect placement of studios, technical areas, news room and other facilities lead to chaotic operations. We not only help in charting a thorough plan, but also plan the MEP and Acoustic services to the micro level.
We have also been providing customized solutions to our clients in terms of supply of technical furniture for the PCR, MCR, Ingest Room, Monitoring walls and Edits bays.