SCONCE was incorporated in 1998 to bring to its customer a premium experience in the field of Exhibitions and Interiors.From sound strategy to compelling creative ideas to constant innovation, we have grown our company to offer a full range of services for Exhibitions, TV Studio Sets and Interior and Retail Architecture. Offering most of these imperative services autogenously contributes to better execution of projects by streamlining the team's communication, by helping in delivering the projects within a given time frame and by managing the costs effectively. Our ability to integrate all these services as individual profit centers, yet posing as an unified creative force, is in sync with our philosophy and customer needs.
We rivet on delivering the incredible. We offer our clients a combination of imaginative design, expertise, and intense involvement, keeping in mind the social, economic, environmental and aesthetic issues relevant to each project. Our involvement ranges from Exhibitions and Events to T.V Studio Sets and Media infrastructure and Interior and Retail Architecture.
We help enhance the marketing strategy of our customer by creating and delivering the appropriate corporate image. We create concepts to fit each client’s needs perfectly and express the company’s personality through our designs. At SCONCE we believe in making friends and not customers. A faith reposed due to the recurrent business manifested by the trust & value our clients have placed in us and our experienced team. Our people are our key point of difference, and we have always sought to attract the highest caliber of industry professionals.

Our Services